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Text: Irina Pivkina
The reincarnation of shamanic traditions on canvas, Flemish traditions on the table of modernity, Malevich's canvas assembled from multicolored shadows. In this article we will talk about contemporary artists and the tools they have chosen for dialogue with the depth of their subconscious.
It is always interesting to observe how modern artists rethink and revive the traditions of past generations, and here it is worth paying attention to the work of Igor Danzhaev. The artist was born in Buryatia, a region of Russia rich in culture and history of indigenous people. After relocating to Moscow, Igor Danzhaev is dedicating himself to re-interpriting and rediscovering ancient Buryatian tradition – shamanism – amidst modern big city life. His vibrant abstraction "Passage of time" charged with mystical shaman energies. The influence of Russian Avant guard artists such as Kandinsky and Tatlin is also noteworthy, as it suggests that Igor is incorporating elements of modern artistic traditions into his work as well. Igor created the vibrant and thought-provoking abstract artwork that invites viewers to consider the deeper mysteries of the world and the ways in which we connect with the spiritual realm.

Igor Danzhaev, Passage Of Time, 2022
Moscow-born digital artist Nick Mironov in his video art piece "Path" centers on themes of identity, community, and the various ways in which people navigate and construct themselves and their worlds. His focus on unconscious motivations and desires and the ways in which they influence actions and relationships is particularly interesting. His images, colors and montage seem to reconstruct a person's mental flow, including observation of the present, fleeting memories, thoughts about the future, worries, dreams, faces of significant people. Everything is intertwined into a single canvas. Mironov's art suggests a deep understanding of the complex psychological forces that shape our lives and relationships with others. It is clear that Nick is deeply committed to using art as a means of shedding light on the mysteries of the human experience and inviting viewers to consider their own paths and destinies. There is no doubt that his experimental video works will continue to inspire and engage audiences for years to come.

Polina Manskaia, using modern technologies, recreates works based on the Flemish school and transfers them to reality. She is fascinated by the idea of how food, being a basic human need, is closely intertwined with the culture of people's lives and turns into luxury and art. Juggling artistic means, she creates amazing contrasts in her works. So, in the artistic work "Resale 1", banknotes of modern money appear next to luxurious cabbages. Manskaya's works are deliberately straightforward and exaggerated, there are no half-hints and shadows that are worth unraveling. She tries to convey the idea instantly and brings the whole history of art from the Flemings to the present day on one canvas.

Polina Manskaia, Resale
Roman Genttcelt professionally explores the shadow world in his art. The artist incorporates a variety of elements into his work in order to create a connection between the physical world and the shadow world. In his work titled "Suprematism Kazimir Malevich" Roman reflects on the famous avant guard artist's work incorporating shadows and colored lights as his mediums. His use of light and shadow is particularly noteworthy, as it allows him to create recognizable images for the viewer and highlight the relationship between light and shadow. It's also curious to consider the idea that objects and materials have their own semantic and associative sets, and that by combining them, a metamorphosis occurs. It is evident that Genttcelt's work is both thought-provoking and visually striking. The young artist is primarily creating in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where he is already a recognised professional represented by the "Shadow Museum", the only museum in Europe and Russia dedicated solely to this artistic medium.
Roman Genttcelt, Suprematism Kazimir Malevich2
Alisa Bunyatova is a visual artist who draws inspiration from the design and construction process, as well as various joints. Her "detail series" photography project, which consists of 5 works, captures elements in a closeup that creates an intimate relationship with the viewer. The intensity of the details in the photographs allows the viewer to absorb the atmosphere rather than the concept of the object itself, similar to the way that Rothko's paintings can create an immersive experience for the viewer. It sounds like Bunyatova's work is both visually striking and thought-provoking.
Alisa Bunyatova, Detail Series V
Timur Skripnikov is a Moscow-based visual artist who explores the nature of consciousness by depicting water as a projection of the human mind. His portraiture of coastlines, captured at unusual angles and often blurred, becomes a meditation on our interconnectedness with nature and how we fit into the world. His reference to the Chinese philosophical concept of Yin Yang in the artwork "Duality as Dream" invites the viewer to consider the phenomenon of duality as an illusion and to see the entire world as part of ourselves. It's clear that Skripnikov is deeply concerned with the relationship between humans and the natural world and aims to shift our focus from being self-centered to a more holistic view of the world.

Timur Skripnikov, "Duality as Dream", 2019
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