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Anton Isaev
Text: Irina Pivkina
Since its invention, photography has changed the way we see the world by inviting us to interpret reality in our own way. "Reforms" series by Anton Isaev focuses on photography's creative capacity to blur fact where each his work has expanded the ever-changing field of photography, both in terms of stylistic experimentation and intellectual inquiry, it captures the sentiment of today's most compelling achievements in contemporary photography.

Isaev's series explores the idea of human diverse focusing on simple moments of illumination in everyday life are both vast and unknowably strange. The powerful series that exposes the persistent discrimination – known for his imaginative explorations of mysticism – peels back the layers of myth that build up over time, whilst Isaev transforms his own photographs of people by cutting them up and recombining them to create new hybrid compositions further highlighting the innovation present in photography today.

The "Reforms" highlights many different perspectives captured where we can challenge the assumptions that we might not be able to witness everything we want to during our own comparatively fleeting lives. The existence of radically different interpretations means the spectrum of gender and age is limitless and constantly evolving reaching beyond the conventions of mainstream the fight for visibility and equality.

This is a fascinating and intelligent selection of photographs each series shows honesty and integrity of conceptualisation and purpose, evidenced through strong images that engage the viewer in the visual narrative.

Isaev somehow describes intersectionality of social categorisations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage created by the nexus of this photographic display.

Of course, a photograph, however much it may pretend to authenticity can open up a new language of visual literacy which offers the viewer new ways of approaching the world – by transcending past time into present. By allowing the viewer the possibility of many different interpretations and points of view when looking at photographs. Isaev's work has the power to transform the familiar into the unfamiliar, and to make the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Following his work Isaev goes behind the "front" to document the lives of people intense and revealing, the series proves that we can think we know something and yet photography reveals how strange and different each world is – whether that be in trying to understand the mind of the artist and what they intended in a constructed photograph or, in this case, having an impression of someone else's life.

Isaev has a quite clear vision, it may sound like a cliché now but it can't be denied that photography, similarly as a reflection in a mirror, offers the viewer aside of the image of his or her likeness, while trying to find a companion, we keep finding only a mirror image of ourselves and ultimately this is always present in such mirroring.

At the same time, due to its peculiar relationship with time, its strange stillness and minute detail it promises to reveal a bit more, something beyond the ordinary image of ourselves, or the everyday reality. It lures us to believe that it can see what's unseen to the naked eye and that it can trespass the ordinary notion of time blurring the thresholds.

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