Text: Irina Pivkina
Andrey Kryuchkov is one of the youngest and most promising artists in the field of visual arts. His work mainly includes video art and collages. In the past three years, Andrey has made a powerful breakthrough in the industry, having been in different roles, but maintaining in each of them the desire to create a full and complete work that will speak to every viewer.
The artist was born and raised in Moscow, and the influence of a large, hectic, not always honest city can be traced in Andrey's works. A significant role in his development as an author working with the visual component was played by the film "A Clockwork Orange", and lonely trips to cinemas. Andrey's unique approach helped him develop his own recognisable style: he was working on the set, studying old and new tools for creating projects, immersing himself in the world of video art from the point of view of actors and characters in the frame.

Andrey Kryuchkov, through the prism of his ups and downs on the streets of the "big city", reveals the nuances of life there. It is a specific, but always different, mixture of colour work and editing art. It can be noted that each work is enhanced by the right musical accompaniment. The visual drive is reinforced by how masterfully Andrey feels the music. Each beat and musical accent complements the changing visuals.

In the "Lonely Football" project, a sense of drive and freedom is conveyed with the help of several techniques. First comes fast editing, emphasis on movement, immersion in POV. The artist takes us to his video character's reality. The hero lives through moments alone with the process, and the viewer feels full involvement. Thanks to the art of editing, even a short video is a full-fledged story.

As a visual artist, Andrey Kryuchkov actively participates in various exhibitions around the world. For example, the "Holy Art" exhibition, which takes place in London and for which Andrey's work called "Dushno" was selected. The content of the work is fully consistent with the theme of the exhibition "Dystopia". While observing, the viewer gets a feeling of isolation from time and space thanks to the colour scheme. This creates a sense of belonging to the lyrics of the work regardless of where the viewer is actually located. Each frame is designed at a similar timing, which helps to feel the story's depth and malleability as well as dive into it. You can become the very character who speaks the text.

The works of Andrey Kryuchkov strive for freedom, reflecting on the philosophical artistic search, while not becoming vulgar or too clumsy. On the contrary, they gradually deepen the disclosure of Andrey's key ideas.

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