Victor Soldiers: The Transformation from an Independent Music Studio to an Electrifying Solo Rock Project
Text: Anna Stashevskaya
In the vast world of music, where creativity knows no bounds, Victor Soldatov emerges as a multifaceted musician, producer, and artist. From his early days as a student in a music school to founding the band "Victor Soldiers," his journey has been nothing short of remarkable.
Victor Soldatov performing at Svoboda Concert Hall in Ekaterinburg, 2023
Victor Soldatov's passion for music ignited at the early age of four when he enrolled in a music school to study the piano. As his love for music blossomed, he explored other instruments like the guitar, drums, and bass guitar, even forming school rock bands. He further honed his skills as part of the Russian folk instrument orchestra, participating in international folk festivals across Europe. In 2009, Victor founded the rock band "Raskol", and with their active performances and recognition at the Emergenza international festival, they made their mark on the local music scene.

However, Victor's musical journey did not stop there. During his university years, he delved into home recording and sound engineering, establishing his brand, "VS recording (VS rec)." The studio grew to become a full-fledged production house, catering to a growing clientele and working on diverse musical arrangements.
In 2022, Victor Soldatov took the leap to embark on his solo music project, "Victor Soldiers." Drawing inspiration from their diverse musical backgrounds, the band creates a fusion of Alternative/Indie, Rock, and Punk genres, resulting in a unique and electrifying musical style. The band's sound is characterised by energetic and raw guitar riffs, driven by Vasilii Fadin and Andrey Novikov, resonating with passion and precision. Ivan Ilyin's skilful bass playing forms a solid foundation, driving the rhythm and adding depth to the band's sonic landscape. Complemented by Semyon Klawda's thunderous drumming, the band's rhythm section delivers an exhilarating experience, pulsating with energy.

Victor Soldatov's emotive vocal delivery further enhances the band's distinctive style. His voice ranges from raw and intense to captivating and melodic, leading the audience on an evocative journey through the band's thought-provoking lyrics. Victor's powerful vocal prowess reflects the band's values of authenticity and self-expression, inspiring others to find their own voice and embrace their true selves.

In their performances and interactions, Victor Soldiers create an intense atmosphere that resonates with their listeners on a profound level. Their music encourages a sense of togetherness, fostering a community where individuality is celebrated, and the power of self-expression is cherished. The band's dynamic stage presence and captivating live shows create a space where everyone feels a part of something greater, a movement driven by music and a shared belief in positive change.

Moreover, Victor Soldiers leverage a variety of effects and production techniques in their music, adding layers of depth and emotion to their compositions. From soaring guitar solos to atmospheric arrangements, the band's daring experimental approach creates a rich and immersive sonic experience.

Through their artistry, Victor Soldiers inspire their audience to fearlessly embrace their beliefs and contribute positively to the world around them. Their music serves as a catalyst for self-discovery and empowerment, urging listeners to live authentically and to stand up for what they believe in. As the band continues to evolve and reach new heights, their message of unity, empowerment, and the transformative power of music continues to resonate with their dedicated and growing audience.

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