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Digital Dreamscape:
The Art of Aleksandr Tarelkin

Text: Alina Zhukova
In an era where the digital and the organic converge, the art of Aleksandr Tarelkin stands as a testament to the potential of 3D graphics as a medium for personal expression and commentary on contemporary issues. With over a decade of experience collaborating with multimedia studios, festivals, galleries, and museums across Russia and Germany, Tarelkin has forged a path that is uniquely his, marrying technology with organic forms to craft narratives of both the future and memory.
Aleksandr Tarelkin's passion for digital narratives is evident in his vibrant creations that encapsulate his philosophy of art without bounds. As an artist, Tarelkin delights in the freedom 3D graphics offer, stating, "Digital artists are not limited by materials, shapes, or the laws of physics." His work is a vibrant tapestry of the worlds he envisions, unconfined by reality's limitations, invoking a sense of the distant future meshed with the tendrils of memory and fantasy.
"Undersea of Memories" (2022)
Tarelkin's "Undersea of Memories" acts as a conduit between the tangible past and the elusive present. The artwork, through its fluidic and organic shapes, conjures the bioluminescent beauty of undersea flora, evoking the ethereal glow of plankton—a childhood remembrance that remains vivid yet intangible. The cool blue palette, speckled with hints of effervescent light, symbolizes both the wonder of the sea and the fading clarity of memories. As viewers, we're drawn into a submerged reverie, one that is both tranquil and tinged with the melancholy of lost time. Tarelkin skillfully employs the fluidity of digital media to mirror the fluidity of memory itself, where both are in a constant state of flux, beautifully ephemeral and inherently unreliable.
"Undersea of Memories" (2022)
"Bird of Paradise 3.0" (2022)
"Bird of Paradise 3.0" is a fascinating reimagining of the iconic flower, traditionally symbolizing exotic beauty and the lure of the unattainable. Tarelkin transforms this botanical marvel into a prismatic sculpture of light and color. The flower is reinvented as a crystalline structure, its petals appearing almost as ethereal wings made of shards of glass, dispersing light into a spectrum that defies the natural order. This work prompts a contemplation on the nature of existence in a digital age where the replication of form in virtual space questions the value of the original. The artist seems to argue for a digital reincarnation of natural beauty, proposing a new kind of perpetuity that transcends physical degradation.
"Bird of Paradise 3.0" (2022)
"Sons of a Desert" (2021)
In "Sons of a Desert," Tarelkin creates a landscape that is stark and otherworldly. The barren terrain, rendered in muted tones, is abruptly disrupted by monolithic stones that levitate, defying gravity. This defiance acts as a metaphor for the human spirit's resilience amidst desolation. The stones, engraved with glowing runes, suggest an ancient wisdom or forgotten lore, indicating a deep connection to the past. However, these symbols also radiate with an energy that seems to be at odds with the inert sand and sky, hinting at the latent power within the desolate. Tarelkin's juxtaposition of the ancient and the futuristic asks the viewer to consider the legacies we leave behind in the face of our planet's uncertain future.
"Sons of a Desert" (2021)
"Floating Impulse" (2021)
"Floating Impulse" is an exquisite synthesis of form, light, and texture. Here, Tarelkin suspends raw, rugged boulders mid-air, encircled by ephemeral rings that emit a soft luminescence. The image is both serene and unsettling, evoking a sense of calm before a storm. These levitating stones serve as a visual metaphor for the suspended state of our world, one where progress and stagnation are in constant tension. The soft glow may represent the human impulse to innovate and move forward, a subtle force that quietly shapes our destiny. The composition urges us to reflect on the impulses that drive us, the unseen forces that float through our collective consciousness, guiding our actions and shaping our future.
"Floating Impulse" (2021)
Aleksandr Tarelkin's oeuvre is a portal to worlds unfettered by the limitations of the physical realm. It is here, in his digital dreamscape, that one finds a poignant blend of the technological and the natural, a space where the future is both a canvas of uncertainty and a beacon of hope. His work invites viewers to not just observe but to immerse themselves in the vastness of his digital universe, to find solace, to question, and to dream alongside the artist.

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