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Altered Visions: The New Perspectives of Modern Photographers
Text: Egor Stanichevsky, art critic
Today's photographic artists are not just capturing moments but are reshaping how we perceive the world around us. This article explores the work of three exceptional photographers who reimagine the world through their lenses. By manipulating composition, light, and perspective, these artists invite us to look beyond the surface and discover the unseen.
Mariia Makarova: Peering Through "City Teeth"
Mariia Makarova, "City Teeth"/ 2021
Mariia Makarova, a Russian art photographer with over a decade of diverse experience, probes deeply into British grassroots movements. Mariia Makarova's "City Teeth" is a compelling exploration of the dual nature of London as both a welcoming and aggressively demanding metropolis. By capturing the city skyline through a blurred, tooth-like barrier, Makarova not only presents an unconventional portrait of London but also metaphorically reflects its harsher realities. The teeth serve as a symbol of the city's biting nature, a stark contrast to the popular image of London's charming and historic facades. This photograph challenges viewers to see beyond the postcard images of London and to confront its more intimidating aspects.
Anastasiia Bekhtereva: Redefining Spatial Perceptions
Anastasiia Bekhtereva stands out in the contemporary art scene as a visionary who merges photography with sculptural concepts. Her background as both an artist and photographer allows her to explore the interplay of form and volume within a two-dimensional medium.
Anastasiia Bekhtereva, "Construct #2"/ 2022
Inspired by the abstract works of Wassily Kandinsky and the minimalist sculptures of Richard Serra, Bekhtereva reinterprets these influences to create unique and thought-provoking visual art. Her photographs often feature sculptural models made from diverse materials like stone and rubber bands, which she uses to create complex, geometric compositions. These materials are not chosen at random; each adds a distinct textural quality to her images, enhancing the sense of depth and tension.

The images provided, showcasing abstract, curvilinear structures, are prime examples of her unique style. These structures, characterized by their sleek lines and shadow play, convey a sense of dynamic tension. The viewer is drawn into a visual puzzle, where the boundaries between the tangible and the abstract blur, prompting a reevaluation of what is seen versus what is known.
Anastasiia Bekhtereva, "Construct #1986"/ 2022
Maria Yanovskaya: Capturing the Ghostly Pulse of the City
Maria Yanovskaya is a dynamic photographer and visual storyteller whose work spans across street and landscape photography. In her "The Bus" series, Yanovskaya employs long exposure techniques to turn the iconic red bus into a ghostly figure moving through London's bustling streets. The "ghost bus" serves as a powerful symbol in Yanovskaya's work, representing the relentless and sometimes invisible force of city life that shapes the daily experiences of its inhabitants.
Maria Yanovskaya, "The Bus" #1/ 2022
Yanovskaya's ability to transcend the literal has allowed her works to resonate deeply with audiences, inviting them to see beyond the obvious and explore the mystical elements hidden in urban settings.
Maria Yanovskaya, "The Bus" #2/ 2022
Elizaveta Savrasova
Elizaveta Savrasova, a Moscow-based photographer with seven years of experience. As a portrait photographer, she excels in capturing the deeper essence and personality of her subjects, focusing on their inner beauty and unique characteristics.

In her series "EVA," Savrasova transforms a bustling Moscow shopping center into a captivating futuristic tableau with her skillful manipulation of light. The settings are crafted to transcend everyday reality, framing her subject in a world that appears to be straight out of a sci-fi film or video game.
Elizaveta Savrasova, "EVA"/ 2023
Savrasova's work in "EVA" invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of human identity and technology. The futuristic settings and the ethereal portrayal of her subject echo themes of transformation and the potential directions of human evolution.
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