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A Love Letter in Oil
Text: Irina Pivkina, Editor-in-Chief, art critic
In the rich tapestry of world art, paintings dedicated to children hold a special, heartwarming place. Artists like Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Lucian Freud, Mary Cassatt, Nicolai Fechin, and Marc Chagall have all created extraordinary works inspired by their children. Today, we turn our attention to a contemporary artist, Tatiana Ospennikova, who has crafted a poignant series of paintings dedicated to her children. Based in Riga, Ospennikova's work is a testament to the timeless connection between parent and child, captured beautifully in oil on canvas.
Ospennikova's series is marked by its emotional depth and the intimate portrayal of her subjects. Each painting is not merely a depiction of a child but a vivid narrative filled with tenderness and love. Let's explore some of her works.

"Dream River"

In "Dream River," Ospennikova paints a serene, almost magical scene where a child and a cat float gently on a river. The night sky is dotted with glowing fireflies, adding a touch of enchantment to the composition. The tranquility of the water and the protective posture of the cat create a sense of safety and warmth, emphasizing the bond and the peaceful dreams shared between the child and their faithful companion. The ethereal quality of the light, reflecting off the water and the subtle hues of the night, encapsulates a dreamlike state that speaks to the innocence and wonder of childhood. The composition, with its soft, flowing lines and harmonious color palette, invites the viewer to lose themselves in this tender moment, feeling the calm and magic that the night brings.

"My Amazing One"

This painting is a lively and whimsical portrait of a young person surrounded by elements of nature. The subject, dressed casually with a relaxed posture, is intertwined with vines and flowers, symbolizing growth and harmony with the natural world. Birds and butterflies flutter around, adding to the scene's vibrancy and the subject's sense of wonder and connection to life around them. Ospennikova’s use of bright, vivid colors and dynamic, swirling lines infuses the piece with energy and joy. The casual, confident demeanor of the young person, combined with the playful interaction of the natural elements, creates a narrative of exploration and the beauty of being in tune with nature. The painting captures the essence of youthful curiosity and the joy of discovering the world, highlighting the seamless connection between human and nature.


"Innocence" is a close-up portrait that captures the pure, unfiltered gaze of a child. The soft, pastel background highlights the subject's expressive eyes and delicate features. Ospennikova’s masterful use of light and shadow brings out the subject's inner world, making the viewer reflect on the purity and depth of a child's emotions. The gentle, almost ethereal quality of the brushwork and the subtle play of light across the child's face evoke a sense of vulnerability and the untouched beauty of youth. The painting draws the viewer into the child's world, offering a moment of pause to appreciate the simplicity and profundity of a child's perspective. It is a celebration of innocence, captured with a delicate touch that honors the fragility and strength found in the early stages of life.

"Great Wide Open"

In this piece, Ospennikova depicts a small child standing on a vast beach, facing the boundless sea. The painting conveys a sense of adventure and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. The expansive sky and distant horizon evoke feelings of freedom and the innate curiosity of a child exploring the world. The vastness of the landscape, contrasted with the small, solitary figure of the child, emphasizes the awe-inspiring nature of the world and the endless opportunities it presents. The subtle tones of the sand and sky, combined with the detailed texture of the waves and clouds, create a sense of movement and potential. This painting encapsulates the spirit of exploration and the fearless curiosity that defines childhood, encouraging the viewer to embrace the unknown and find joy in the journey.
Tatiana Ospennikova's work resonates with universal themes of love, innocence, and the beauty of childhood. Her ability to capture these fleeting moments in oil paintings speaks to her talent and her deep emotional connection to her subjects. Each piece invites the viewer to pause, reflect, and appreciate the simple yet profound moments of life through the eyes of a child.
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